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5 Reasons to Offer Your Employees an e-Learning Course

Statistics reveal that 23% of employees leave due to lack of training and development opportunities. Offering opportunities to staff to upskill, train and develop improves employee engagement and reduces staff turnover as well as producing better employees.  We can all recognise the need for training and the benefits of upskilling and teaching our staff but the reality is that finding time, finance and suitable opportunity to provide enhanced training to staff can be a challenge. E-Learning can remove some of those challenge so read on for five reasons that will convince you to choose e-Learning courses for your employees.

  1. Accessibility
    The unique aspect of e-Learning is that it is available to you whenever and wherever which makes it totally accessible. It removes the pressure of getting a certain location at a certain time and means that employees can train from home and can train outside of office hours. They can work on a variety of platforms whether it be tablet, phone or laptop and they can work online and offline by downloading resources. The added benefit of studying something that this 100% accessible is that students can then work at their own pace, slowing down and speeding up whenever needed.

  2. Suitability
    E-Learning is designed around each students learning, you can skip the parts that are unnecessary, select the style and options best suited to you and recap sections when needed. Studying in this way is totally unique to the learner and removes the challenges of learning in a group, which can be purely audible learning, and helps learners of every time to engage and connect with material suited to them. As an employer you can also select the most appropriate material and know exactly what your employees should learn from the course, which can be an unknown when sending them away to a training course.

  3. Cost
    The cost of an e-Learning course is clear upfront, there are no hidden extras and of course the cost is lower than the cost entailed in sending employees to physical training courses. Sending employees on courses far from home incurs the company additional costs such as food, travel and accommodation and the courses themselves are often more expensive than e-Learning courses. The other benefit for you as the employer is that you can search for courses that fit your budget, and select from a wide range of options.

  4. Variety
    Via e-Learning a world of possibility, variety and choice is opened up to the student and employer. You can view modules, tutors and course descriptors and select the best options for your unique situation. The breath of resource available is phenomenal and the opportunity to engage with experts that students would never be able to have physical access to, means the doors of opportunity are blown wide open by e-Learning.

  5. Collaboration
    Working online puts the world at your fingertips and e-Learning encourages student collaboration across the globe. Your staff will be exposed to students from other cultures, countries and company types meaning they are not only benefitting from the course materials and teaching but from engagement with a wide mix of students. The use of chatrooms and online study groups amongst other forums creates this unique environment for students to work on projects, discuss problems and prepare materials. Many learners find working in this way much more comfortable as it removes the face-to-face aspect of group work whilst attending training courses. 
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