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Health & Safety Essentials E-Learning Course

Health & Safety Essentials E-Learning Course

CPD Hours :   50 Hour(s)
£ 19.00

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    Your Legal Requirements. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Section 13 Paragraph 2 require that......every employer must ensure that their employees are provided with adequate health and safety training.When employment is started.Be repeated where risks may be increased due to changes in responsibilities or changes in working practices       

    Everyone in your workplace has to have Health and Safety Training. And our Health and Safety Essentials training can be used by anyone - new employees, people who are changing jobs or locations within your workplace. Its great for induction. It is also perfect to use for health and safety refresher training.

    This training gives a good grounding in general health and safety at work, helping employees recognise and avoid risks at work and explaining what to do to minimise illness and reduce workplace accidents. Its important that your employees know how to keep themselves, their colleagues and the workplace safe and healthy.

    It looks at responsibilities and legal requirements, hazard and risk, safety signs at work, personal protective equipment and workplace emergency procedures such as fire evacuation and calling the emergency services.

    Program Contents

    1.   Fire awareness

    2.   Slips, trips and falls prevention, including use of a stepladder

    3.   Proper manual handling technique

    4.   Good practice when setting up a workstation to avoid back problems and RSI (basic DSE training)

    5.   Use of hazardous substances (basic COSHH training)

    6.   Using electrical equipment safely

    7.   Taking the Test

    Our Health and Safety Essentials Training e-learning course can be completed in one go or it can be done in bite size chunks - whatever suits you - the system remembers exactly where you stop, so it can resume where you left off.

    The subjects covered account for a huge proportion of days lost through illness or accident, so using Consult+Health and Safety Essentials training will save you money through happier, healthier staff and less absence!

    Everyones progress and training is recorded too, so that when you have to prove compliance, its all there, in your very own private Learning ,Learning Management System securely held on our server. You can prove that your staff have completed the essential Health and Safety training and also that they have understood the e-learning course from their final test results and printable certificate.

    This really is fantastic ESSENTIAL Health and Safety training for every employee

    Programme Contents

    1.    The nature of Fire

    2.    Fire Signage

    3.    Fire Hazards

    4.    Discovering a fire

    5.    Taking the Test