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Hedge Funds Series (Module #6) - Hedge Fund Accounting and Taxation

Hedge Funds Series (Module #6) - Hedge Fund Accounting and Taxation

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In this course on you shall be learning about the accounting and taxation of hedge funds which includes concepts such as Carried Interest, Bermuda, Accounting Entries, NAV etc.

Hedge funds market has seen huge growth potential in last decade and seems to be expanding. Many are not aware of it and how they actually work. It is a self-study course based on interactive video sessions that would cover important aspects of Hedge Funds which would help its participants get an overview of this exciting market.
The course will help you learn about accounting and taxation concepts of Hedge Funds. The tutorials will help you learn structure of hedge funds, carried interest, Bermuda, offshore funds, master feeder structure, US reporting requirements, accounting and accounting entries for hedge funds and finally look at NAV calculations with the help of examples.

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