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Emotions displayed by Body language

Emotions displayed by Body language

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Join this wonderful course on Emotions displayed by Body language and get insights into Emotions- Aggressive and Submissive, Attentive and Nervous, Relaxed and Power, Handshakes and eye contact, Posture and Gestures etc.

In this course we are going to discuss the various emotions that are displayed by Body Language. The tutorials will right from scratch to understand the definition of body language & it’s importance through Monalisa’s painting., The 3 V’s of communication & Basic Components of body language, Emotions displayed by body language:- Aggressive, submissive, attentive & nervous, Upset & Bored, Relaxed, power & Defensive, Different kinds of handshakes & Eye contact, Different kinds Head & Mouth positions & different facial expressions & Postures & Gesture and importance of Maintaining space while communicating.


12 Months

2 Hours