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Fundamentals of Marketing Research Training

Fundamentals of Marketing Research Training

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This is a online course is to gain fundamental understanding of Marketing Research. The aim is to learn about marketing research and how it is done. The tutorials will help you learn about Marketing Research Basics, Market Research Process, Types of Researches and Classifications, Questionnaire Scaling and Rating, Sampling, Field Procedures, Hypothesis Testing and discussing Case Study and Findings.

Market research is a specialized field of the marketing department, wherein research and studies are conducted and data collected to analyze and predict the current and the future trends of the market and consumers’ tastes and preferences. A specialized research team is appointed to find out the potential market for the products and services, what is appealing to the customers, and their reaction towards the products that are already in the market or in the development stage. Studies are conducted as per the age, gender, geographic location, customs, habit or occupation. 

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