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Service Sector Marketing - Learn 8Ps of Marketing

Service Sector Marketing - Learn 8Ps of Marketing

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of Service Sector Marketing. The aim is to learn essential concepts in Service Sector Marketing right from scratch. The tutorials will help you learn about Service Sectors, Service Sector Overview An Indian Perspective, Marketing Challenges of Services, Goods VS Services, Product of Service Marketing, 8 Ps of Service Sector Marketing and Extended Ps of Service Marketing.

Service Sector Marketing:

This is a Service Sector Marketing Training. This course deals with everything in service marketing. It talks about history, aspects, all 8Ps of marketing. It discusses in details the impact of Price, Promotion, product, Place, Process, People, Physical Evidence. We have also added a new P to it. That is productivity. This course starts with a detailed study on service sector. You will get to know every aspects of service sector. Different types of services and how different parameters affects the performance in Service Sector Marketing Training. Take this course and become awesome in service marketing.

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