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The Magic of LinkedIn - LinkedIn Strategies for Business Success

The Magic of LinkedIn - LinkedIn Strategies for Business Success

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This wonderful online course on Linkedin for Business is a detailed course which will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Linkedin for Business.

This course is all about learning how to work more efficiently with Linkedin by understanding its Multi-purpose features. Quality comes at a cost. The course gives Return On Investment (ROI) on all the premium services ( at one stop for comparison ) using Case Studies on Cost Benefit Analysis with timeframe mentioned for expected / desired results.

Linkedin works on the Freemium Model. It allows every professional to upload their details free and offers premium services, since it is the number one player in this vertical and more than 10% of the free users have converted to premium, the model is a very successful one. The first module explains The % difference between recruiters and candidates in Linkedin vis-s-vis Facebook and hence the need of the 4 Premium services and their features explained in detail. The first one deals with individuals and the balance 3 are primarily for Corporations.

All Levels

12 Months

28 Hours