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Consumer Behaviour - Consumer Perception and Decision Making

Consumer Behaviour - Consumer Perception and Decision Making

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Consumer Behavior - Consumer Perception and Decision Making is an online course which will help you to learn about Overview of Consumer Behavior, Consumer Research Process, Market Segmentation & Strategic Targeting, Consumer Motivation, Personality & Consumer Behavior, Consumer Perception, Consumer Learning, Consumer Attitude Formation & Change, Communication and Consumer Behavior, Family and Social Class and also about Influence of Culture on Consumer.

The organizations across the globe produce goods and services for their ultimate buyers who are termed as Consumers, in the business world. Ever-changing technology and an urge to deliver the best and unique products and services is what every organization, big or small, aim. This is not an easy task. It requires consistent efforts put in by the people backstage, i.e., the employees of the organization, who are specialists in their respective fields. Every organization studies its target market and audience in detail. This includes their demand patterns, family structure, age and gender, educational and work background, income, geographical area, etc. These factors cumulatively are termed as Consumer Behaviour.


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