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Investment Management - Your Guide to Investment

Investment Management - Your Guide to Investment

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eduCBA brings you this Awesome course on Investment Management. This detailed course will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Investment Management.

Investment has a close relation to the fields of business management, finance as well as economics. Investing is redirecting the monetary resources as well as assets in an active way so that benefits are gained in future in the form of profits instead of consumption of the money as and when it is generated. Investment management is asset management in a professional way of different kinds of securities (bonds, shares as well as other types of securities) and also of other assets such as real estate so as to be able to meet the goals of investment that have been specified in order to provide benefits to the investors. The investors can consist of the institutions like the educational establishments, charities, corporations, pension funds and insurance companies or the private investors which can be directly through contracts of investment or in a more common way through schemes of collective investment such as exchange-traded funds or mutual funds. In case of private investors as well as investing institutions, investment management is called “fund management”. The services of investment management are also known as “portfolio management and wealth management services”.


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