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MIS for Organization

MIS for Organization

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This MIS for organisation course will help you learn skills for designing and development of various MIS reports based on the needs of Management.

Broadly the course would cover the following : 1. Basics of MIS 2. Inventory Control 3. Budgeting & Variance Analysis 4. Ratio Analysis 5. Debtors Control 6. Vendors Control. This course is meant for those who are responsible for MIS reports in the organization. MIS report is not just feeding the data into the system but it requires the understanding of the data and the proper presentation of processed data i.e. information. This information is of immense value to Management in today’s highly competitive world for survival and growth. The accuracy level has to be very high so that the right decisions can be taken by the right people at the right time for fruitful outcomes. It can be used for designing and development of MIS reports which are long term based and are very needful for decision making by management for their control. Different people need different reports based on their requirements at different point of time. This can be catered to efficiently and timely for prompt actions by the Key Management.


12 Months

1 Hours