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Organizational Behavior Course

Organizational Behavior Course

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of Organizational Behavior (OB). The aim is to learn essential concepts in Organizational Behavior (OB). The tutorials will help you learn about Motivation - Theories and Principles, Introduction to Organization Behaviour, The emerging challenges in OB, Foundations of Individual Behaviour, Personality, Learning, Perception and Attributes, Attitudes and Values, Applied Motivation Practices, Work Stress, Group Dynamics, Team work, Power and Political behaviour, Conflicts and Negotiation, Communication, Organizations, Organization Culture ,Creativity and Innovation and Leadership.

Now as we know, managers, not only require technical and conceptual skills but human skills as well. As we climb the hierarchy the soft skill aspect would become more important. It would be important for a manager to get work done out of his team. The study of Organizational Behavior would enhance the soft skill aspect of managers.


12 Months

17 Hours