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Supply Chain Management Training

Supply Chain Management Training

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of Supply Chain Management. The aim is to learn essential concepts in Supply Chain Management right from scratch. The tutorials will help you learn about Retail Supply Chain, Category Management, Merchandise Budgeting, Assortment and Space Management, Retail Pricing Challenges, Retail Product Lifecycle Management, Retail Distribution Replenishment, Retail Logistics, Retail Supplier Relationship Management, Retail Customer Relationship Management, Managing Supply Chain of Different Retail Formats, Apparel Footwear Retailing Supply Chain and Information Technology for Retail.

About Supply Chain Management Training

If you ever sat through a TV commercial, drove to your nearest store, and bought your favorite item at an unbelievable price, you can thank the manufacturer’s supply chain managers for a job well done. In a nutshell, supply chain management is the sum of all activities that are involved to reach a product into your hands. It includes everything right from the time the raw materials are extracted, to the moment you fish out the credit card for payment and take the product home. Supply chain management focuses on forecasting and planning, buying, product assembling, moving, storing, and tracking a product till it reaches the customer.

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