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Personal Hygiene & Grooming

Personal Hygiene & Grooming

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Join this wonderful course on Personal Hygiene & Grooming and get insights into Personal Hygiene hair, face, ears, Good & bad personal habits & introduction to grooming etc.

The most vital aspect to be considered for the maintenance of good health is good personal hygiene and grooming. Personal hygiene that is also known as personal care consists of nail and hair care, foot care and keeping the body clean so that germs do not spread. Grooming involves taking care of the hair and fingernails. These factors are responsible for making the person feel and look good and both of these are crucial for the emotional as well as the physical well being of a person. Such types of life skills are basically ignored during the academic years and not taught in most of the schools or colleges. However, on growing up we come to realise that such life tools help in establishing the paths of our career and in fact our entire personality in the future. Therefore, sharpening these tools is the most imperative step that needs to be taken by a person for growing both professionally and personally.


12 Months

2 Hours