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Python Programming and Linux Administration

Python Programming and Linux Administration

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You will learn about Text and Documentation and Reporting in reference to Programming with Python. Other important topics that have been touched upon in this course are Networking, Data Processing, SNMP, and OS Soup. You will also get an overview on Data Package Management, System Processes and Concurrency and upon building of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). You will also get detailed insight on Data Persistence methodologies and usage of Command Line

All languages are tools. Then you may ask why Python. But python unlike other languages is a very efficient way for scripting. Python is not only very easy to learn but can even accomplish complicated tasks with minimal amount of coding. Python can be used for analysis of genomic sequences, multithreaded servers and heavy duty analysis.
This course is intended to clear your understanding of Python from basics to advanced level.
So, if you are a network engineer, system administrator, Penetration tester or for any network or system related tasks, this course is for you.


12 Months

18 Hours