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Website Layout Using Photoshop Training

Website Layout Using Photoshop Training

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eduCBA brings you an amazing course on Website Layout using Photoshop where you will be learning how to create website layout using Photoshop and understand it’s Multi-purpose.

Today, most people who set out to make a website often get right into coding. But they skip the first and often most crucial steps in web design: forming a website layout. When you brainstorm a brief for a new website, deciding and forming the layout should be first on your agenda.

A website’s layout can either make or break it. Poor website layout can, for instance, lead to poor navigation and impact your search engine page results. It could also lead to problems in expanding or adding more features to your website. A poorly designed website can also turn off lots of visitors and potential clients. If they cannot find the information or product/service they want on your site, why would they stay?


12 Months

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