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HTML5 and CSS3 Advanced Training

HTML5 and CSS3 Advanced Training

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive practical understanding of HTML5 & CSS3. The aim is to learn essential concepts in HTML5 & CSS3. The tutorials will help you learn about Introducing HTML5, Structuring Pages with Semantic Elements, Writing More Meaningful Mark Up, Building Better Web Forms, CSS3 Introduction, Applied CSS, Margins Padding, Formatting Tables, Transforms, Sectioning Elements, Position Elements and much more.

Very first let us know the full form of HTML, its Hyper Text Markup Language. It is same as Html but with new features. Many new “Elements” have been added, with elements new “attributes” also has added for ease in programming. CSS3 is another language with vast options for UI design has been supported in html 5 now. In normal html video and audio was not supported which was drawback and this drawback was overcome in html5. Again 2D/3D graphics was not supported in html, but later in html5 it got supported. Local storage and web application part is also added in html5 which will be discussed in detail in the course.

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