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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 (Module #2) - Lists and Library Apps Essentials

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 (Module #2) - Lists and Library Apps Essentials

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Work with Lists and Library Apps. Create collaboration sites and add tasks in project sites

SharePoint is web application for collaboration & document management from Microsoft. SharePoint is highly used for storing data, tracking, managing electric documents and assets. SharePoint increases the effectiveness in an organization by streamlining the data. There is a high demand for the individuals who is equipped with the SharePoint Software.
This SharePoint 2013 course of eduCBA’s will help you to learn about the latest version of SharePoint in which you will be learning about basic introduction to SharePoint, working with lists & library apps, Working with Collaboration Sites, Using office applications with SharePoint, Using and Creating Workflows, Managing Documents, Changing Default Color, Title, Logo and Color Scheme in SharePoint Site, Designing web content management sites, SharePoint Developer Tools, Common Developer tasks in SharePoint, Programming Against SharePoint Lists, Building and Deploying SharePoint Web Parts, Creating Enhanced user experiences for SharePoint with Silverlight and lastly about Developing Service Oriented Applications for SharePoint and Securing your SharePoint Applications.


12 Months

2 Hours