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Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Training

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Training

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Learn tools and techniques that are available in Adobe Illustrator. This is a widely used software and is used by professionals around the world. Learn from experts by actually doing it

What is Adobe Illustrator Tutorials? A Descriptive Guide

We bring you this Course on Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. Adobe Illustrator is known as an editor for vector graphics which has been developed by Adobe Systems.
Latest version, Illustrator CC is the 17th within the production line. Illustrator 88 was the original version first developed in the 1980s.
Adobe Illustrator has been designed chiefly for Mac in the first decade of its development. Following this, versions of the Illustrator were released by Adobe for Sun Solaris platforms, Silicon Graphics to name a few. Versions 2.0 to 6.0 predominated in the early 1990s. Illustrator 7 was introduced in the year 1997 and it made critical changes in user interface with respect to path editing. Illustrator CS was the first version of the 3-D capabilities permitting users to revolve shapes for creating excellent 3D objects.

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