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The Complete Android Developer Course - Beginner to Expert

The Complete Android Developer Course - Beginner to Expert

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive Practical understanding of Android . The aim is to learn essential concepts in Android right from scratch. The tutorials will help you learn about Android Versions, Android Application Architecture and Developer Tools, Android Fundamentals and Components, Layout of Android, User Interface Input Controls - Buttons, Android Activity Life cycle, Android Start New Activity, Implementation of Broadcast Receivers, Screen Orientation Example, Installed App List, Implementation to play video file, camera capture in android, Implementation of ADDING VIEW Elements Dynamically, Best Practices for App Performance and much more.

Android – Complete Practical Training  Course:
• The course begins with introduction to Android, Different Android Versions, Application Architecture and Developer Tools, Lots of Fundamentals and Components, Tags and Layout of Android. Later on, we will learn User Interface Input Controls, Activity Life cycle, New Activity, Interacting with other Apps, Implementation of Broadcast Receivers, Android SDK tools, CallLog, SMS etc.
• This comprehensive Online Training on Android contains a variety of classes that teach you best practices in Android development. These classes simplify the steps required to enhance your app with powerful platform features or effectively optimize your app performance.
• It examines more complex features of Android including search manager Google Maps address lookup, GCM & Notifications etc. This tutorial also covers various examples on operating camera features, dynamically creating view elements, animations, working on widgets, dealing with threads, etc.
• The course is intended for those who are looking to pursue their career in Android based development. This comprehensive Android course provides an in-depth approach to studying the Android platform.
• This course is designed to provide you with all advanced skills necessary for developing applications via the Android mobile platform. Upon completion of the course it will be easy to develop Android based applications.
• The training not only imparts the programming side of the development but also offers valuable suggestions behind developing a pleasing and effective UI design.
• With easy-to-understand course materials backed by practical classes, one can quickly grasp the aesthetics deploying Android as a platform. There is no such qualification to join the course as it is designed in a way to facilitate a newbie to understand the myriad of opportunities that Android can offer.
• This is a complete and comprehensive course on Android and we will be covering vast area.
Highlights of Android – Complete Practical Training  Training:
• Android versions
This section specifically throws light on the different android versions like Froyo, GingerBRead, HoneyComb, Ice cream sandwich & Jelly Bean.
• Android Application Architecture and Developer Tools
This section specifically throws light on the dthe architecture of Android.
• Android Layout
This section specifically throws light on the different android layouts like Linear, Relative, Grid, Table Layout & Scroll View.
• Android Activity Life cycle
This section specifically throws light on the activity life cycle of Android.
Android – Complete Practical Training Training requirements:
• Basic programming concepts will be helpful
• Passion to learn about Android Training
What am I going to get from this Android Training course?
• To give the learners complete knowledge of Android app performance fundamentals
• Over 10+ lectures and 2+ hours of content.
Android Training Target Audience?
• Students or Professionals who wish to learn about Android
• Anyone who wants to learn about about Android App Performance best Practices

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