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Email Etiquette - The Perfect Email Writing

Email Etiquette - The Perfect Email Writing

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Email Etiquette is an online course which will help you to understand the importance of email etiquette for business or personal use. Through this course you will learning about overview of email etiquette, understanding the components of an email i.e. header, subject line, attachments, body of email, 5Cs of email, chunking and email language, sample emails and email tips and many more concepts of email etiquette.

To be empowered to learn those skills that are applicable in the real world that is not really confined to a textbook, “Bridging the gap from college to campus is what this workshop is about.

In the video tutorials you would be learning about Importance of email etiquette, What is an email etiquette, Advantages, Structure, Header, Subject Line, Attachments, body of email, 5 C’s of email, Formatting, chuncking and email language, sign offs and signatures, escalation emails, delivering bad news and liablity notice disclaimers, dos and donts and  sample emails and email tips

All Levels

12 Months

3 Hours