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Autodesk Maya 2016 - Background (Set) Modeling

Autodesk Maya 2016 - Background (Set) Modeling

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Through this course you would be specifically learning about advanced techniques that are used modeling a character animation in a specific background using Maya.

Autodesk Maya as it is officially known, has many applications in the field of 3D animation. Seeing is believing and Maya Training offers quality which few can replicate. For being a top tier animation expert, 3D animators need to be conversant with this animation software. Aspiring 3D animators need to learn Maya if they want to create spell binding products. Autodesk Maya is the industry standard for 3D animation software. Video professionals as well as graphic experts can create a spell of their own using Maya for animated television programs, films, video games and special visual effect as well as 3D animations.


12 Months

29 HOurs