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Content Creation and Marketing

Content Creation and Marketing

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This training on Content Creation and Marketing is to learn about what is content creation and its process, Types of Content & Media. The course has been explained with case studies and live examples to understand how this form of marketing actually happens practically.

This course builds a good understanding of the fundamental concepts of marketing, advertising and analyzing products. As far as structure is concerned, it has three main sections, viz; Definition & the process of content creation, Content types & Tools and finally we will see examples, conclusion, and further references.
Topics covered
Part I
1. Introduction to the module: Benefits & future implication after learning this lecture
2. Overview of content marketing: Use & Strategy
3. Defining & identifying target customer:
4. Content Creation: purpose and who are we targeting, Goal of creating the content
5. Deciding content media platform
6. Scheduling the marketing
7. Standardization of the content
8. Methods and resources to create content
9. Limitations: limit, research, budget
10. Tracking
Part II
11. Content types & channels :Blogs, Lifecycle Emails, e-newsletters, WhitePapers, Case Studies, Ebooks, Digital Magazines, Mobile Apps , Web Apps, Podcasts, Webinars, Infographics , Articles and Press Releases, Press Releases, Social Media
Part III
12. Examples (5-6)
13. Few certification information like inbound certifications (Not sure if you allow this.. please confirm)

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12 Months

5 Hours