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Oracle - Oracle PL/SQL Comprehensive Training (Updated)

Oracle - Oracle PL/SQL Comprehensive Training (Updated)

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If you want to learn the advantages of a powerful programming language PL/SQL, this is the right course for you. This course will help you develop, execute, and manage PLSQL stored program units. The entire course has been divided into structured modules for you to understand the PL/SQL, Variables, Executable Statements and Control Structures, interaction with the oracle server, working with composite data types, creating functions, procedures, packages, triggers etc.

A collection of facts in the form of numbers, words, measurements and observations that can be transferred into a computer is called data. So whichever industry you are a part of from aeronautical to engineering, data plays a very important role in shaping the current and future prospects of your industry. In fact, data is changing the face of the world and is today instrumental in changing the face of many industries, while at the same time helping them deal with a lot of challenges and problems. From helping to find a cure of disease to boosting the revenue of a company to building a more efficient or be responsible about how ads are to be targeted for a particular audience. Simply defined as information, data is  the future of many companies and organisations across the world. However, when it comes to computing and business, data especially Big Data is what is information that is related to machines as opposed to information read by human beings.

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