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Advanced Excel 2016 Training Course

Advanced Excel 2016 Training Course

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This wonderful course on Advanced Excel 2016 will teach you all the important advanced excel concepts practically. This course focuses more on applying the formulas in the excel 2016 and explain each and every advanced excel concept in detail.

Back in 1988, Bill Gates introduced Microsoft Office to the world at COMDEX in Las Vegas. That was the beginning of an epic journey of different applications, servers and services under the loyal name “Microsoft”. Since then Microsoft Excel and other applications have grown substantially and been taking a pivot role in our daily work life and professional growth. Even if you know that it is true, would you believe it without proof? No. Zilch! So, here’s the proof. On the 10th day of July in 2012, Softpedia gave the report that Microsoft Office has been using by a billion people worldwide.


12 Months

9 Hours