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Statistical Tools in Excel

Statistical Tools in Excel

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This online course is on specifically understanding statistical tools in excel. It includes video tutorials on understanding the descriptive statistics, data analysis tools, central tendency and dispersions, correlation & regression. Further we understand Histogram using data analysis and moving averages using data analysis.

Why Excel – Statistical Tools in Excel training?
This is an online course on Excel – Statistical Tools in Excel which will provide you guidance about the usage of Statistical tools in Excel . Through this course on MS Office we will be guiding you from scratch level how to use statistical tools and its features effectively.
The course will highlight the different features and tools which will help you to work smoothly in the your system. As excel is a must use for official work, college work and for various other events, so through this course you will be guided how to use it appropriately and you will be learning its features, functions, tools and various other things in-depth. This course will provide you learning about the latest statistical features available in excel and  understand the new and advanced features as well of MS excel 2011.
About the Excel – Statistical Tools in Excel course
The tutorials in this training start right from scratch and has been explained using case studies so that it is easy to understand. Through this course you would understand Descriptive Statistics, Central Tendency, Mean Mode Median, Dispersion, Standard Deviation, Data Analysis Tool, Central Tendency and Dispersions using Data Analysis, Correlation and regression, Histogram using Data Analysis, Moving Averages using Data Analysis.
Who are the target Customers?
• Students, MBA’s, BBA’s, Gradates & Post- graduates, Working Professionals from HR, Marketing, Sales and Operation etc., Entrepreneurs
• Prospective Finance Analyst, Market Analyst, Research Analyst, Investment Banker
• People working in stats or maths
• Anyone Seeking Training with Excel statistical tools
What are the pre-requisites for the Excel – Statistical Tools in Excel Course?
• Basic Computer Knowledge
• Ms Excel for practice purpose
• Passion to learn

All Levels

12 Months

2.2 Hours