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Microsoft Visio 2016 - Advanced

Microsoft Visio 2016 - Advanced

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This training is for you to understand the advanced features in Microsoft Visio to understand Diagrams, process menus etc.

This dedicated training on advanced Visio 2016 will help you learn about this amazing software which will make it easy for you to share data-driven visual information on the web in no time.
The tutorials would include learning how to open files, adjusting the interface, preparation of connected diagrams, inserting and deleting shapes, re-arranging diagrams, formatting text/shapes, adding text, graphics, work with layers and themes, preparation of org charts, timelines and publishing diagrams.

Visio has various applications across industries to name a few it would include marketing, quality project financial management, assurance, strategic planning, human resources, and is the industry standard business drawing tool.


12 Months

1 Hours