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Python Comprehensive Bundle Course

Python Comprehensive Bundle Course

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Learn Python from scratch. Get advanced python skills from python projects. get to know from the basic what python is and learn all the core concepts by doing Practical examples in the software.

Python Training and Programming is one of the easiest languages to start with. It was developed decades ago by Monty Python after which successful releases have been developed by the Open Source communities.
The latest version of Python used is Python 3.5. Though it is known to be extremely stable, most industries are still using Python 2.7 reason being it’s a bit hard to migrate from the older version to the newest.
Besides when learning Python Training its actually easy to learn the Python version v3.x and then the v2.x more potentially the v2.7 since most of the stuff from python 2.7 have been either totally deprecated or modified to something newer in the 3.x versions.
However a lot of people still prefer python 2.7 since they are almost compatible with everything other thing. As for this Python Training Course, we will delving into both of them since they both have their own sets of pros and cons.
We personally prefer to use the 3.x version, reason being if you think on a long term basis, at some or the other point 2.x versions will get deprecated, whereas 3.x is the version which will be carried forward.

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