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C++ Programming Course

C++ Programming Course

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In this course you will learn about C++ Programming Training. You will learn in detail concepts like Flow Control, C Programming Session, E-Medical Records, Health Insurance, Statistics in Hospital etc.


In 1970, two programmers, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, invented a new language calledC. named because its predecessor Language was called B and The B programming language was developed by Ken Thompson in Bell Labs. C was designed with setting goal of operating systems. C  language was  simple, flexible and soon was used for many different types of programs.

It became one of the most popular programming languages in the world but C language had one major problem. C was a procedure-oriented language. This meant that in writing a typical C program, the programmer would start by describing the data and then write procedures to manipulate that data. Programmers eventually discovered that it made a program clearer and easier to understand if they were able to take a large data and group together with the operations that worked on that data. Such a grouping is called as class. Write   programs by using classes are known as object-oriented design (OOD).  Bjarne Stroustrup started working in 1980 on a new language, called ”C with Classes.” This Language improved on C by adding a number of new features, the most important of which was Classes. This new language was improved, augmented, and finally became C++.


12 Months

10 Hours