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PERL Programming

PERL Programming

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Learn all the basics of PERL Programming through this course on the same. The course starts from scratch and then takes you to the advanced level concepts for the same.

PERL is a computer programming language similar to C developed for running on Unix and Unix like systems. Though PERL is mainly used in Linux environment in the web servers its also gaining popularity for usage in Windows and Mac OSX and other OS platforms. PERL is platform independent. PERL was developed by its founder Larry Hall in the 1980s who was working with NASA at that time in the data processing department. He developed this code to make processing of NASA data faster and to produce reports from huge collection of data .

Courtesy this for the term PERL a Back Acronym has been formed called Practical Extraction and Report Language.

PERL is considered to be on of the best choices for developing Common Gateway Interface programmes courtesy its superior ability to handle Text and Images. PERL is considered to be as fast as C language but with less amount of coding and as a result of that PERL is considered an easier computer language to learn code than that with C and C++.


12 Months