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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of HTML 5 from Scratch. The aim is to learn about the features and how to use HTML 5. The tutorials will help you learn the History of the Web, Introducing HTML5, Structuring Pages with Semantic Elements, Writing More Meaningful Mark Up, Building Better Web Forms, Audio & Video and Basic of Canvas.

HTML 5 and CSS3 have completely changed web development. Before them, there were several alterations to the way that web designers created web pages, but these two are the current standard. If you want to learn web development, you have to learn HTML 5 from scratch and that is what this course offers.

This comprehensive HTML 5 training course delivers exactly that, starting from the basics and ultimately giving you a basic working knowledge to start your journey into web development.

For a newbie, reading HTML 5 or CSS 3 code could make it seem as complicated as rocket science, when it is actually very simple to grasp. This course takes you through the motions in a relaxed way that helps you learn the core concepts and gain enough coding knowledge to build a standard web page while understanding how it all comes together.

All Levels

12 Months

7 Hours