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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

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This is a online course is to gain fundamental understanding of Ruby on Rails. The aim is to learn about the features and how to use Ruby on Rails. The tutorials will help you learn the Rails Overview, Directories, Environment Modes on Ruby on Rails, Files Creations, Ruby on Rails Servers and Hello Rails.

Are you interested in building a web applications? Did you ever wonder who web applications are built and deployed onto the loud? Are you piqued by the growing popularity of web services, and want to dabble in them too?

If your answer to any of the above questions, you have already done your own research into the subject. You may have dabbled a little in C# or Java, and realized that there is a lot to learn and understand in order to become proficient in any of them. You may have realized that the all-popular web services that you’re interested in are too complicated to be integrated in a web application. As for deploying web applications, you may have found out that there is a lot to set up for it to get going.

This course is the perfect stepping stone into the world of web application building, focused on one of the best web application frameworks to start out with: Ruby on Rails. The framework is designed for rapid prototyping, and this takes you through the basics and concepts, and gives you the necessary knowledge and skills to pull off your own web application.

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12 Months

4 Hours