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This course is for you to learn about NOSQL database wherein you shall be practically learning how to work with data and create a blog application with the PHP Driver.

Over the past few years the dominance of relational database is getting down. This is due to the arise of new type of database known as NoSQL database. NoSQL means Not Only SQL. It is a new way of thinking about database. NoSQL is a non relational database management systems which is quite different from traditional database management systems. It is a large distributed database system that helps in analysis of high volume and disparate data types. NoSQL databases are sometimes referred to as cloud databases. NoSQL has become the first alternative to relational databases because of its features like scalability, availability and fault tolerance. NoSQL has a flexible schema model. NoSQL handles any type of unstructured, messy and unpredictable data. NoSQL does not require SQL to analyze the data.


12 Months

3 Hours