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Banking Sector Financial Modeling - Bank of America

Banking Sector Financial Modeling - Bank of America

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Learn the entire process of creating a financial model of US based bank right from scratch. Create financial model for Bank of America

This course is very useful for the people who are into equity research and financial modeling domain – including students and professionals. This course gives a brief idea about valuing US banking sector, the revenue and cost drivers, forecasting the future financials and the stock price recommendation.

This course gives a career prospect to the students who are planning to get a financial analyst job in any brokerage and KPOs. Banking is considered as a core sector and the sector is very much related with the economy; hence, knowledge about valuation of a US based big bank would give the student an edge over the competitors. Also it boosts sector expertise of the seasoned professionals who are already working in the financial service domain.


12 Months

6 Hours