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What would your sales performance be if you received One FULL YEAR of Sales Training that is designed to make you a super sales person. This is the most comprehensive online sales training program on the market and your satisfaction is absolutely GUARANTEED. IT WORKS!


Specially developed for Salespeople, Sales Managers, Business Owners and other Sales personnel interested in increasing their sales volume.



What’s Included in this online training package  - Here’s what you get.

  • 42 separate videos covering every topic relevant to selling.
  • The easy to manage lessons are delivered in 6 modules over the first 6 weeks.
  • 15 hours of audio in the Locker Room.
  • After week 6 you will receive bi-weekly email assignments to keep you focused on what is important.
  • 12 Common Sense Selling Tools to help you manage your sales.
  • The Common Sense Selling book.
  • The Monday Morning weekly tip that will help you deal with the most frustrating sales challenges you face every day.
  • Short and easy to follow lessons.
  • 3 Assessments to help you understand your strengths & developmental needs.
  • 99-page downloadable workbook for the entire program.                          

Signup Now for £399 only, for 12 months access.

Common Sense Sales Training  - Weeks 1-6: The Fundamentals

You will receive one module per week for the first 6 weeks of program. Each unit contains 6-8 short videos and you will need 60-90 minutes per week to watch the videos and fill out the workbook which is included in the package. The weekly assignments will also give you a few actionable items that you need to focus on during that week. This sequence will enable you to begin to implement your learning to start putting the skills that you learn into practice.


In the first six weeks of the program the entire focus will be on learning fundamentals of Common Sense Selling. This includes…

  • Evaluating your selling strengths & weaknesses
  • Evaluating your sales beliefs
  • Learning the Common Sense Selling process
  • Handling stalls & objections
  • Prospecting and business development strategies
  • Managing your Inner Game

Weeks 7-52: Reinforcement, Skill Building, & Implementation

You have access to this program for one full year, 52 weeks, 24/7.

You can, and should, make a habit of spending 10-15 minutes a day reviewing the key concepts in the program and repeatedly applying them. This regular practice will make you perfect at closing those big sales. To help you the Common Sense Selling process program provides the following:

  • Sales Coach weekly email tips every Monday morning
  • Bi-weekly email suggestions/assignments to keep you focused on a key aspect of the sales process.
  • Tips on using the Common Sense Selling Tools.
  • The Locker Room contains over 15 hour-long audio sessions that get into the finer points of the sales process and provide other resources to help you excel.

Remember, training is a process, not an event. On completion of the course may not get you where you want to be. Be committed and that commitment will show up in the sales deals that you close.

Signup Now for £399 only, for 12 months access.