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Techwriter Technical Writing Program

Develop a Career in the Technical Writing field

This program prepares you for an umbrella profession that is estimated to grow 10% faster than ahy other professions

Online Professional Technical Writing Certification

Are you interested in starting or furthering your professional career as a Technical Writer?
What you need to know about Techwriter Technical Writing Certification Courses.

This umbrella profession integrates within a range of disciplines. Before joining the course, consider the following:

  • For the next few years employment of Technical writers is estimated to grow 10% faster than other occupations. This makes it an in-demand occupation.
  • Technical writers integrate with all aspects of digital media, business communication, content development (websites, marketing, public relations, knowledge and project management).  
  • The annual income for technical writers ranges between £55,000 to £82,500 (source: Forbes).
  • Our students include corporate employees, freelancers, consultants, and those seeking new career opportunities.

What are the benefits of registering for the technical writing courses and classes from Techwriter-Certification?

  • Techwriter Certification Technical Writing classes prepare you for careers in the technical writing field or help you sharpen your present workplace skills.
  • These Technical writing courses are taught by technical writing faculty with industry experience.
  • The program prepares you for full or part time contract work.
  • Anytime-Anywhere online learning model. You do not have to meet at a specific time, but will still have contact with your instructor.
  • On completion of the course you will earn a Certificate from a prestigious and accredited university.

Technical Writing Certificate Series

Basic Certificate in Technical Writing (90 Hours)

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The Basic Technical Writing Certificate consists of three courses. The program is Instructor-Led, meaning you learn from highly qualified industry and tech writing faculty. Our course of study has been designed for individuals who lack sufficient experience in the field, those who want to enhance existing careers in technical writing or move in a new direction.

The certificate is specifically designed for those who:

  • Aspire to develop their technical language and communication skills.
  • Need to update their knowledge and skills.
  • Need preparation for teaching professional communication.
  • Must prepare and deliver training for their companies.
  • Aspire to advance in documentation and other technical communication positions.
  • Seek a verifiable Certificate Credential from an accredited university.

This Certificate Course must be completed within the specified time period noted at the time of enrolment. Upon successful completion of this course you may apply for a paper-based certificate from one of our Accredited University Partners. University certificate processing fees apply.

Signup Now for Price 2% off £830 Now £813.40 only.


Introducing Soon!

  • Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers (90 Hours)
  • Writers at Work Certificate Program (40 Hours)
  • Advanced Certificate Course in Structured Writing for Technical Documentation (30 Hours)
  • Technical Communication Industry Certificate- Mastery Level (160 Hours)
  • Certificate in Professional Technical Communication (140 Hours)