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IFRS 12 - Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities

IFRS 12 - Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities

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This training on IFRS standard 12 is to give you an in depth overview of how entities are supposed to disclose about an entity's interests in subsidiaries, joint arrangements, associates and unconsolidated 'structured entities.

The course is an online course. It being one of the most interesting usage of excel you might be excited to learn to create excel dashboards.

The main course objective of this online training is to deliver the knowledge of advanced options that a user can apply to create a dashboard without using any coding or intense programming.

Dashboard overview
Explain, train & create the Dashboard report.
Analyzing the data.
PIVOT Tables
Pivot Charts
Explaining how a Slicer can be used to compare data displayed on multiple charts
How to protect data from editing/manipulating or deleting

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