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Advertising and Promotions Training Course

Advertising and Promotions Training Course

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of Advertising and Promotions. The aim is to learn about Advertising and Promotions and how they should be used effectively. The tutorials will help you learn about Introduction to Advertising, Role of IMC in the marketing Process, Understanding the communication process, Advertising Objectives, Structure of Advertising and promotions world, Advertising and Creative Strategy Execution, Media Planning Strategy, Various forms of media and Unconventional and Support media.

Why Advertising and Promotions Training?

Advertising and Promotions Training, you get acquainted with the various options that companies have in order to market their products. It takes you through the various forms of communication and media that can be used to reach out to the target audience. It throws light on various aspects of advertising, media and other forms of promotions.

All Levels

12 Months

10 Hours