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Python Programming - Comprehensive Training

Python Programming - Comprehensive Training

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive Practical understanding of Python Programming. The aim is to learn essential concepts in Python Programming right from scratch. The tutorials will help you learn about Lists & Tuples, Strings, Dictionaries, Conditions, Loops and Statements, Abstraction, Exceptions, Magic Methods, Properties and Iterators, Overview of GUI, Database & Networking with Python, Graphic User Interface, Database Support & Network Programming and Python and the Web.

Python is an object oriented high level programming language. One of the simplest programming languages of all, and also the most used language for creating System Security programs. It is Simple, yet the most powerful programming language which is very close to the Machine Language. If you have never programmed before, but you have little knowledge of how a computer works, then this the right place to start. After learning this course, one can start to build their own System programs, and also basic malware testing programs.

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