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Complete Java Programming

Complete Java Programming

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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of Java Programming Training. The aim is to learn about Java Programming and its features. The tutorials will help you learn about java History Features, program Execution, Setting Up Java in PC, Start Programming Core JAVA, Data Types, Operators and Control statements, Programming Core Java, Methods and String Handling's.

Online Java Programming Training
• Java is general purpose Object Oriented Programming Language developed by James Gosling and  Patric  Naugton,  at Sun Micro System.  OAK (which is a tree name) is java original name.  In  the  year  1995,  OAK  was  revised  and  developed  software  called JAVA (which is a coffee seed name).
• JAVA released to the market in three categories that are J2SE (JAVA 2 Standard Edition), J2EE (JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition) and J2ME (JAVA 2 Micro/Mobile Edition).
• J2SE is used for developing standalone application/programs development.
• J2EE is used for developing client server applications/programs development.
• J2ME is used for developing Mobile Application/programs development.
• Java source code file (a file with extension .java) is compiled in to byte code format (.class) that byte code runs on any operating system. So java has slogan WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere).
Following are Java features:
• Java is Platform independent:
Java programs run in JRE (Java Runtime Environment) provided by Java virtual machine so java program is not accessible to operating system directly. This makes Java programs platform independent.
• Java is Object-orientated programming language:
Except the primitive data types, it fallows all the principles of Object Oriented Programming Language.
• Java is Strongly-typed programming language:
Java is strongly typed, means variables must be declared to contain a specific type of data.
Java is Interpreted and compiled language: Java source code is transferred into the byte code format, which does not depend on any particular platform. These byte code instructions will be executed by the JVM (Java Virtual machine).
• Java support Automatic memory management:
Java manages the memory allocation and de-allocation for creating new objects. Garbage collector automatically deletes objects to which no active thread/process is executing. JVM call garbage collector when system memory get full or not enough to run that application.
• Secure:  
Java application run inside special environment created by JVM (Java Runtime Environment) That is JRE. So no any process directly access application code or interfere in application.
• Simple: 
Java is easy to learn after learning C++ because java concepts and syntax are similar to C++. Java remove complex Concept of C and C++ like operator overloading, Pointer etc.
• Java support distributed application development:
Java programmer can develop  application in distributed environment and finally integrated at one place .
• Java support Multithreading Environment:  
Java allows you to write programs that do many  things simultaneously. Multithreading is mostly used in gaming, animation etc.
 Why Online Java Programming Training?
•  JAVA is Free: Unlike programming languages like Dot Net where you need to pay Microsoft to get license copy software for application development, JAVA is FREE to download. Due to this JAVA is very popular over other paid programming languages.
•  Java easy to learn:  JAVA programming is easy to learn was compared to C or C++. JAVA has a similar syntax like C++.
•  JAVA is Platform independent: JAVA stands true to its tagline “Write once and run anywhere”. You create JAVA applications in Windows and run it in Linux or other operating systems and vice versa.
•  JAVA Open source Libraries:  JAVA has a rich set of API and Documentation, which helps in developing your applications faster. Java has global talent pool to help.
•  Garbage Collection:  JAVA has a powerful memory management technique i.e. called garbage collector, so Programmers do not have to worry about memory issues in application.
• JAVA is Powerful:  JAVA is secure and robust programming language. JAVA is used everywhere from mobile applications like Android to Enterprise applications like banks and health care. Because of its popularity and availability of huge global talent pool, top companies prefer to program their applications in JAVA.
•  Job Offers: There are more job opportunities for JAVA programmers. After getting training in JAVA, Students have better job option with handsome salary.
•  More Job Options: After completion of this course have choice of mobile application, web application, standalone application development.
• Easy to Learn Other Object Oriented Technology: after learning a java, you can learn any programming language easily.
Course Goals and Objectives:
• Develop skills in algorithmic problem solving, expressed in a programming language
• To get proficient knowledge of high level programming language.
• Assist to getting a job in software industry as java developer.
• After completion of course student have chance to switch towards mobile application development or web application development.
• Who works in other technology but interested to learn java for that online learning platform is best because saving time and efforts.
• Develop Java-based Application / programs using the Eclipse, Net Beans open-source Integrated Development Environment.
• Provide quality online professional development programs that enable learners to meet their academic, professional, and personal goals.
• develops foundation of  programming skills by discussing keys issues to the design of
• Object-oriented software, including programming design patterns, automatic documentation
• Techniques and programming testing.
• Cover all basic Concepts with description.
• Discuss all the principles of Object Oriented Programming Language and demonstrate though Assignment.
Target Audience for Java Programming Training:
• This training course is  designed for programmers who want to move into the Java language.
• New Developers who are interested to learn java language.
• Anyone who wants to understand object oriented programming
• Web developers wanting to advance their skills
• Students in computer science courses
• Computer Programmers stands to gain knowledge from all programming languages and java shows no signs of fallowing off in popularity.
•  Computer System Analyst those who works on java-based systems will need to communicate effectively with designer and developer who code in the language, so completing java-training programs can help keep these professional on the same page.
Pre-requisites for Java Programming Training
• Free Java Software Development kit from Oracle
• PC/Laptop
• A genuine interest to learn Java
• Knowledge of programming language like C++.
•  Awareness   Computer handling and operating system.
• Knowledge of Editor like Notepad, Edit plus, Eclipse, Net beans.
Java Programming Training Advantages:
• Students get the knowledge  to be productive java developer from java expert.
• A lot of companies have job opening for java developer, Several of these companies have help us design the course and have confidence that students who successfully complete the course can work in industry easily.
• Interested companies can view online all the assignments and projects finished by students from our company, so they feel much more comfortable in hiring them.
• We also provide projects work  to meet the internship requirements and get confidence like industry environment.
• In traditional classrooms you will get to listen the lecture only once but here you can rewind it and see till the time you understands it.
• By this course  you can save  time and money. You can learn it from when  you have a time . no need  to travel to the institution you can learn from home.
Java Programming Training Course Highlights
• Introduction to Java
• History & Features: Versions of java? History and features of java.
• Java Program Execution: This Lecture deals in Java Program Execution. It also talks about JVM – The Java Virtual Machine
• Setting Up Java in PC : Configuring PC for java Programming, Set class path and check class path.
• Programming Core Java
• Writing First Hello world Program
• Eclipse Introduction
• Installing Eclipse
• Details of using Eclipse
• Features and Component of Eclipse
• My First Program in Java
• Understand Eclipse More
• Eclipse Hands on
• Introduction to Data Types:
• Introduction to Data types
• Primitive Data Types
• Eclipse Example Primitive Data Type
• Primitive Data Type Continues
• Eclipse Primitive Data Type Example 1
• Eclipse Primitive Data Type Example 2
• JAVA Variables
• Integer Literals Floating Point Literals
• Java Variable Scope
• Java Variable Scope Example
• Operators and Control statements
• Operators
• Operators Example
• Operators Example Continues
• More on Operators
• Control Statements
• Eclipse Control Statements Examples
• More Examples on Control Statements
• Getting deep in to Control Statements
• Operators and Control statements
• Programming Core Java
• Java While Loop and DoWhile Loop
• Java FOR Loop
• Break Statement and Continue Statement
• Examples on Break Statement and Continue Statement
• Characterstics of OOPS
• Java Class Concepts Class and Objects
• Java Class Concepts Eclipse Example
• Java Class Examples
• Java Class Examples Continues
• Java Constructor Example
• Java Inheritance Example
• Overloading Overriding
• Garbage Collection Destroying Objects in Java
• Methods and String Handlings
• Methods Static Methods
• Import Statements Static imports String Class
• Practical Implementation of Methods
• Methods Eclipse Example Continues
• Methods Overloading Demo
• Methods Overloading Demo Continues
• String Eclipse Example
• String Comparison
• String Comparison Eclipse Example
• String Buffer and String Builder
• Java Conclusion

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12 Months

10.82 Hours