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SEO Secrets - How to Rank #1 in Searches

SEO Secrets - How to Rank #1 in Searches

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eduCBA brings you an amazing course on Advanced SEO Course where you will be learning about SEO with all its concepts & process details with practical examples, right from its basic-beginner level implementation to its core detailed implementation.

Course Backgrounder:

Search Engine Optimization refers to optimizing websites and online content so that they get indexed properly by search giants like Google and Bing so that when an user queries any data on Google or Bing the relevant optimised page should turn up in the first page of Google or Bing. This optimisation process may include re-writing the code and content of a website and it even may include changing the hierarchy of the website and content tree to make it more Search Engine Friendly.

Search Engines index billions of sites and reproduces fetched results on certain algorithms and these Algorithms are closely guarded secrets by the Search Giants. Understanding these Algorithms by reading guidelines as published by Search  Engines and evaluating the results page of Google and Bing on specific keyword terms and then analysing pages which the engines showcase first in the results page gives the Search Engine Optimization industry to build an idea of the Algorithms that have been used by the Search giants. These Algorithms keep changing so any person who has to do business online must keep on upgrading ones knowledge base on SEO time to time.

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