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Google Analytics - Mastering Strategies for Google Analytics

Google Analytics - Mastering Strategies for Google Analytics

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This course is a Wonderful online training based on Google Analytics. In this Training you will learn from scratch what google Analytics is and how to make use of it for various analytical purposes.

The entire world is going digital and if you as a brand do not stay updated with trends in the online world, then it is very easy to get lost. Many brands, especially in the beginning of their establishment fail to realise the importance of having an online reputation and brand image. In their defence, the importance of online website traffic can be pretty vague and unclear as well. But with time many brands have realised that the success of their brand, both in the short term and long term depends on the success of their online persona and power. That is why websites are such important aspects to the digital success of any brand because a website is one of the most important and critical personification of a brand’s online image.

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12 Months

6 Hours