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Linux Mint Training

Linux Mint Training

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This training is an overview of Linux Mint desktop operating system. It starts right from scratch with the configuration, understanding commands, advanced administration, trouble shooting etc.

Linux is an open source operating system which is being widely used on servers across major organizations worldwide. Earlier people had been reluctant to use linux on their desktops. But, the situation has improved a lot for Linux and it has become more user-friendly and is becoming extremely popular among desktop users. There are many Linux distributions available to be used as Desktop operating system like Ubuntu, Mint, PCLinux OS, Manjaro, Arch,…. to name the few.Here in this course we are going to learn about Linux Mint desktop operating system.

Linux Mint is an modern operating system. The Linux Mint project focuses on making the desktop more usable and more efficient for everyday tasks performed by regular users. The purpose of Linux Mint is to provide a desktop operating system that home users and companies can use at no cost and which is as efficient, easy to use, and elegant as possible.

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