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Microsoft Excel 2010 - Advanced Training Course

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Advanced Training Course

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This is a online course is to gain understanding of Excel 2010 - Advanced functions. The aim is to learn the advanced features Excel 2010 and how they can be used . The tutorials will help you learn Useful Excel Functions, Data Functions, What If Analysis, Functions for working with Text, Pivot Tables, Names and Dynamic Range, Auditing and Trouble Shooting formulas, Form Controls and advanced charts.

This online tutorial aims to help its participants learn the new and improved features of Microsoft Excel 2010 version.
It would tell you the differences in the MS Excel 2007 vs. MS Excel 2010 version.
This module is ideal for those who want enhance their knowledge about Excel 2010. The Advanced excel functions would increase your excel proficiency and help you work more effectively and efficiently.


12 Months

14 hOURS