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CFA II (Part #6) - Quantitative Methods

CFA II (Part #6) - Quantitative Methods

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In this module of CFA series, you will be learning about Quantitative Methods from CFA curriculum for appearing the Level 2 examination successfully.

The CFA charter is one of the most respected designations in finance, considered by many to be the gold standard in the field of investment analysis. Its uses lay in various dimensions of the financial world, including portfolio management, treasury, risk management, Hedge Funds etc.

This is a CFA Curriculum – Quantitative Methods course and is designed for those who want to learn about quants to appear for CFA examination. You would be learning about Correlation, Covariation, Covariance of returns, Correlation, Limitations of Correlation, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression, Limitations of Regression, Linear Regression of Returns, Predicted Values, Confidence Intervals, Anova, Calculating R Square, Limitations of Regression and many more concepts which is included in CFA Curriculum.


12 Months

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