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LeanMBA program

Discover the LeanMBA program. A 1-year, 100% online, Professional Certificate Program in Business Administration AND a Mini-MBA (Finance) program

These programs cover typical MBA curriculums in a “lean”, condensed format (15-30min/day or 2-3h/week) @ less than £1 a day!


Frequently Asked Questions

You might have plenty of questions about how The LeanMBA works. The questions that students frequently asked are listed below

How Much does the Program cost?

Only £365 for the entire year. That is Just £1 a year.


What will students learn?
The curriculum is made up of 260 courses across 12 functional areas of business administration: 

• Entrepreneurship
• General Management, Strategy & Leadership
• Marketing & Sales
• Economics & Statistics
• Operations Management
• Business Law & Ethics
• Finance
• Accounting
• Big Data
• Human Resources Management
• International Business
• Project & Quality Management


The program is meant for employed people and allows students to learn by dedicating 15-30 minutes a day. However, for students who want to learn more and get the most out of their Lean MBA experience, there will be bonus materials and further readings, as well as discussions.


How does MyLeanMBA work?
Every Sunday, a series of 5 to 8 courses (lasting 15-30 minutes on average) is unlocked. Students have one week (until the following Sunday night) to complete all lessons and pass the final weekly multiple-choice test. by Sunday night we mean 23:59 Central European Time (CET)


Do Students have to study every single day?

While we encourage students to study 15-30 minutes every day, they can organize themselves as they wish during the week. But students must complete all lessons and pass the final weekly test by Sunday night.


How hard is the final weekly test?

The tests are pretty straightforward, if students paid attention during the weekly lessons. They usually take the form of a multiple choice test with a pass score of 80%. Students can retake a test as many times as they like before the Sunday night deadline; only the last score counts.


What about holidays?
The LeanMBA conveniently allows students to study only 15-30 minutes per day. But if students know that they are going to a place with no Internet connection for a few days, they can complete all courses and pass the test beforehand!

Is there a final certificate?

Yes, MyLeanMBA delivers its own certificate. It can be easily shared on LinkedIn.

What are the conditions to graduate?

In order to graduate and receive the final certificate at the end of the year, students MUST pass all 52 weekly tests. If students miss a test deadline, they can use a heart to take the test again.


Is The LeanMBA™ accredited?

The Lean MBA™ program was launched in October 2016 and MyLeanMBA is a private organization. The Lean MBA™ program doesn't have an AACSB, AMBA or EQUIS accreditation at the moment because our 15-30min/day innovative, online format is not eligible.


We have observed that most employers don't really care much about such an accreditation. Be aware that the program is not registered with any Ministry of Education, meaning that this program will not qualify you to pursue a PhD if you don't have a Master's Degree.

Nevertheless, this freedom from external rules allows The LeanMBA to deliver very low-cost business administration training that is flexible enough for people with a busy schedule. The Lean MBA is working with experts, MBA professors, and talented PhD students from various universities.


The Lean MBA is not as renowned as the top-ranked MBA programs that you can find in the Financial Times. But what students will get with The LeanMBA is the same curriculum, for a fraction of the price.


Is MyLeanMBA affiliated to a university?

No, The LeanMBA is an independent company. The LeanMBA team does not work with one single university, but with professors and experts across many universities worldwide.


Summary: why should I choose the Lean MBA for my team?

  • Because students will actually LEARN.
  • Because it has an incredible VALUE FOR MONEY.
  • Because it is incredibly CONVENIENT: The Lean MBA is the only course for which students can study anytime, anywhere, 15-30 minutes a day, from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Because students will be able tomake better business decisions, as they will understand better how a company works.