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LeanMBA program

Discover the LeanMBA program. A 1-year, 100% online, Professional Certificate Program in Business Administration AND a Mini-MBA (Finance) program

These programs cover typical MBA curriculums in a “lean”, condensed format (15-30min / day or 2-3h / week) @ less than £1 a day!

The LeanMBA Mission

"Our mission is to deliver an affordable and flexible business administration program for busy professionals. Our staff has worked hard to create more than 350 engaging short lessons that will serve as an excellent toolset for your entire professional life. You will gain all the knowledge to be a better leader, make better business decisions, communicate better, work more efficiently, with real-life examples, contract templates, etc."

Danielle Levi-Feunteun, Program Director, Harvard MBA and former adj. Professor of Finance at HEC Paris


The Lean MBA Online Program

The Lean MBA® is an innovative and accelerated 1-year, 100% online, Professional Certificate Program in Business Administration. It is ideal for busy people It’s called “Lean MBA” because it covers the entire typical MBA curriculum in a “lean”, condensed format (15-30min/day or 2-3h/week).

What is The Lean MBA?

The Lean MBA® is a flexible & affordable program that is 100% online & requires only 15-30 minutes of study per day. At just £365 for the entire program, this 1-year course provides quick yet high-quality training in 12 functional areas of business administration:



Course Sample topics

  • How to Find a Startup Idea
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Introduction to Lean Startup
  • Discover the Lean MBA program
  • Developing Your Marketing Plan
  • Getting Things Done
  • Is the Lean MBA right for you?
  • Defining Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Signup Now for £365 only, for 12 months access.

By dedicating on average 15-30min/day, learning in total more than 300 bite-sized courses, you will dramatically boost your business knowledge.


This will help you:

  • prepare for management positions
  • become a more efficient person
  • communicate better with colleagues and superiors
  • climb the corporate ladder faster by applying what you'll learn
  • make smarter business decisions
  • launch a more successful business
  • highlight your ability to commit to improving yourself, thus showing a very positive mindset 

The stronger your business knowledge, the better you’ll perform at the workplace. The better you perform, the faster your career progression will be.

The LeanMBA allows you to keep both your professional and social life. The LeanMBA makes  learning business skills fun and easy

Signup Now for £365 only, for 12 months access.

Why choose The Lean MBA?

  • It’s fun: The online platform is interactive, thought-provoking, and insightful - not just another boring lecture.
  • It’s fast: The 15-30 minute lessons will not bore or wear out participants, it will motivate them and get their creative juices flowing.
  • It’s high-quality: Course content is created by experts in their field and revised by MBA professors, mentors, and entrepreneurs.
  • It’s flexible: Access the content by computer, tablet, or smartphone. Content is available even after completion of the course.
  • It’s affordable: At just 299 euros per year per student, this is one of the most cost-effective training solutions available.

What types of businesses can participate?

  • Startups & small businesses: Improve the potential of your small team.
  • Independent stores: Do better in all areas of business in order to expand and grow.
  • Non-business firms: Learn core business skills to complement your current expertise.
  • Corporations & med-large businesses: Train new employees and interns, plus refresh the skills of all your employees.
  •  We are open to all types of businesses and can adapt to your unique needs.

What does a lesson look like? Tour The LeanMBA platform!

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Signup Now for £365 only, for 12 months access.