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About Essential E-Learning


Do you have a responsibility for compliance with health and safety in your workplace? Does this worry you? Do you feel that you'd like to be better prepared to deal with problems that might crop up? You do? Then our training programme is ideal for you. We have a wide range of training centres where students can approach us for learning videos in all over the USA, UK and Canada. There are high-quality bundles for various aspects of compliance training, all developed by award-winning vendors who are subject specialists in the area. They include:

  • General health and safety
  • Fire safety and risk assessment
  • First aid
  • Student safeguarding
  • Data protection
  • Supervisory management

The e-learning courses are perfect for induction training and for yearly refreshers, and can be standardised to meet the needs of particular organisations. They are available through a flexible range of payment methods (ask our advisers for details).


  • Staff can access these e-learning courses through the web, at any time and from anywhere
  • Staff have unlimited access to training, which improves retention and enables periodic refreshers
  • Staff can learn in bite-sized chunks and at their own pace without having to take time off work
  • Fully trackable learning activity reports are generated for external agencies
  • Some of the e-learning courses carry CPD points
  • Organisations can save upto 80% on cost when compared with traditional face-to- face training or by blending it with face-to-face training.

Buying through the ed-next web site entitles you to an exclusive discount over the regular price. For enquiries about bulk purchase and our other e-learning courses please call us on 020 3475 8500 or email us at

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