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     May 21, 2016 by  Neelam Sharma On Emotional Intelligence
Cinque Terre

  It was a brilliant course. I enjoyed the flexibility, material and the content of the course 

     Jun 17, 2016 by  Sarah Burch On Exploring The Criminal Personality
Cinque Terre

  Overall, the information given on the podcast is good. I learnt quite a lot. The format of it being on a podcast means you can absorb the information easily whilst doing other stuff. I would recommend this to anyone interested in this area who isn`t expecting anything heavy-duty study wise. 

     Jun 17, 2016 by  Jesus Del Valle On HR And Recruitment
Cinque Terre

  It is a straightforward, instructive little course, which has fulfilled my expectations of having a basic outlook on how Recruitment is developed in the UK. 

     Jun 17, 2016 by  Lucio Malnati On Motorcycle Technician
Cinque Terre

  I was surprised at the depth of the content. It was a practical, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. The quizzes helped me assess my understanding of the subject matter. I will soon be joining an internship to apply this learning.  

     Jun 17, 2016 by  Liisa LehtioStephenson On Email Etiquette
Cinque Terre

  Although the course covered the main things I would`ve expected it to cover, it could be improved. The contents, however, confirmed my thoughts on email etiquette, so it was useful in that sense. I would recommend it to someone who doesn`t know much about email writing. 


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